The Best Exterior Door Styles

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“What door style looks best?” is a question that many people have about front door design. There are various design possibilities and different types of door materials for external doors to pick from for any home’s architectural style, whether you choose a front door for a traditional home or a more contemporary one. You will discover something to fit your taste, from curving top doors to classic shapes. Make sure the door you choose complements your style and the interior design of your home.

Choosing a new exterior Oak Doors type is a careful process since, aside from the price, the door a homeowner chooses will affect the aesthetics of their home as well as the security of their family. This article provides advice on how to choose a new front door for your property.

Select Doors That Complement the Architecture of Your Home

Each home has its own distinct curb charm. It features a distinct style statement that influences the placement of furniture, windows, and doors. Make sure that anything you choose for your home complements the interior of your property and the style it displays.

Glass ceilings and fancy windows are common in contemporary homes, and sleek and unusual front door styles will complement them beautifully. Traditional homes, on the other hand, appear best when they are decorated with sophisticated designs and vintage touches. The style statement of your home should always be considered when selecting doors and windows. You cannot mix and match these windows and doors; otherwise, they will look out of place and detract from the overall appeal of your property.

To create a polished exterior design and give the property a personal touch, doors should fit the style of the home. Instead of a plain plate door, you might choose for an open or even more modern style with a glass or metal door in a contemporary home.

When it comes to front doors, think about what makes your home special. Take into account the textiles as well as the overall design. Is it dominated by straight lines or does it appear to be more nuanced? The fundamental idea is to select a front door that complements your home’s overall appeal.

Determining the Door’s Purpose

Exterior doors in San Diego are often constructed to fulfill a variety of purposes, depending on the needs. When selecting an exterior door style, homeowners should consider the door’s function.

Sliding glass doors are typically utilized to let light in, but they can also be used as a threshold for entering your patio. Consider the rooms to which your doors lead. Also, pay attention to how they connect different regions of the house. Make sure you’re familiar with all of the doors and entrances. Examine your chosen doors to see if they serve their intended function of opening up your home and generating more usable living spaces, rather than being an annoyance. Make a mental note of the rooms that have a spectacular outlook and those that don’t.

Wooden Classics

One of the most common materials for external doors is wood. Wooden doors are an excellent alternative if you like a more classic style and want to add a little character to your entrance area, especially because of their natural and energy-efficient components.

Sturdy Steel

Aluminum and steel exterior doors are a fantastic choice if your property merely need a typical and robust exterior door.


Fiberglass exterior doors are also a wonderful alternative because they are inexpensive and great for customers who want to renovate their front doors and have some flexibility.

Sidelights with a Design

A sidelight can be added to a standard front door to add light to your property. Vertical sidewalls that are integrated into the design of the door panels or rounded off with cross windows surround sidelights.

Choose a partially glazed design with a side window if your new front door opens into an entrance hall with no natural light. Add features like side windows or curved transom glass to your doors to make them more stylish.

Colors to Play With

Adding frames and various types of mullions can be a good option. After you’ve evaluated your home’s aesthetics, choose a color combination and color colors for your door that best complements your home. While a splash of color can brighten a room, harsh hues may detract from your home’s attractiveness. As a result, before getting into this industry, you should think about your architectural design.

Consult a specialist at US Window & Door if you’re having trouble deciding on the right color combination for your doors. They can advise you on style and suggest the best door designs for your property.

Select the Correct Colors for Door Frames

Finding external doors that fit the design of the interior and the color of the exterior walls of your home is one of the most fundamental things to consider when shopping for a new front door.

This can readily improve its appeal by giving it a more cohesive appearance. The external doors should be painted in hues that complement the home’s exterior design.

People frequently select two different colors for their homes, one for the trim and the other for the windows. Make certain you have the best solutions at your disposal.

Take into account ventilation.

Some doors are frequently closed, while others are frequently left open. Before selecting the ideal door style for their property, homeowners should constantly evaluate how much ventilation they require. Because rooms accumulate a considerable amount of carbon dioxide, all rooms must be regularly ventilated. There are a number of doors on the market now that include a grille or ventilation system. If you currently own a door that doesn’t have sufficient ventilation, you can buy and install a grill to ensure proper air circulation.

Consider the Sun’s Position.

A door that lets in too much light can be troublesome. Doors that block natural light, on the other hand, can make a property appear dreary and dismal on the inside. When choosing a site for your door, consider the sun’s orientation to ensure that the room where it will be installed will reap the most benefits.

Ensure that your home receives adequate sunshine so that it does not appear too bright or dark. Consider the sun’s position at dusk and dawn, as well as how it influences your residence. A sliding glass door may be a poor choice if your home is overly bright. These doors reflect light, making watching TV or working on your laptop difficult and uncomfortable. Installing sliding glass doors and windows, on the other hand, can be a good solution if your home is too dark.

Exterior Door Selection

First impressions matter, so before you start narrowing down your options for the best front doors, learn about them, their benefits, and how they work. This will help you navigate through the numerous options available. You’ll have a lot of options if you wish to replace a door with glass panels to let more light in.

Modern wood doors are more weather resistant than previous types, while metal and fiberglass doors that look like wood but give more protection and are less expensive are also available.

You should also keep in mind that outside doors can serve as a gateway to your home as well as a front entrance. Front doors, back doors, and patio doors are all examples of exterior doors. Every door in the house should give protection, privacy, and energy efficiency. These are the most crucial considerations when selecting an outside door type or a new front door design. The appropriate front door will save you money on energy, last for decades to a lifetime, and keep your home safe.

Take a peek around our website to learn more about our products and services. You want to make sure you’re receiving the best door for your money with so many exterior door lines to pick from at US Window & Door. We only sell the greatest doors, from Masonite’s exterior doors to Milgard’s patio doors and more. Visit or phone an in-home professional for a door consultation to get started on your home’s front door.

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