Most Popular Star Wars Costumes For Boys To Wear On Halloween

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Around the months of September and October, retailers stock their shelves with a wide variety of Star Wars costumes for boys. Just in time for one of the most exciting holidays of the year, Halloween. Since the first film in the series was released in 1977, boys’ Star Wars costumes have been a perennially popular choice for Halloween ever since. It’s 2010, and six of the best-selling Halloween costumes for boys are inspired by the Star Wars franchise.

Darth Vader, the terrible Seth Lord, is by far the most well-known. The Darth Vader costume for boys includes a jumpsuit with a belt, a famous black cape, and a mask made of a durable plastic. Plates and boot covers have been attached to the jump suit in order to make this costume appear to be the same as the outfit that Darth Vader often wears. When you complete the look with a light saber, you’ll have your very own Darth Vader. This evil dark Sith costume is perhaps the most popular Star Wars costumes that we have available for sale.

Jango Fett comes in second place in terms of popularity. Jengo eventually became the most feared bounty hunter in all of space, but it took him years of rigorous training and conditioning to get there. The costume that you have purchased for your child is a four-piece set that includes a mask and helmet that are made of soft and flexible two-piece material, a jumpsuit that has some side armor attached to it, a molded belt, and gloves. You will also find the Jango Fett blasters and holster set or the back pack accessory to go along with this boy’s Halloween costume. Both of these items may be found in the same place.

The costume of Boba Fett, a character from the Star Wars film franchise, is the third most popular choice for boys to wear for Halloween. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story of Boba Fett, Jango Fett’s DNA was used to create Boba. He was reared by Jango as if he were his own son. A list of the “100 greatest cinematic characters of all time” included Boba Fett as one of the characters to make the cut. Some speculate that it is because of the aura of mystery that surrounds this character, even if no one really understands why he has such a vast fanbase.

The Clone Wars ARF Trooper outfit comes in at number four on the list of the most popular costumes for boys to wear on Halloween. This soldier is recognized for his ability to surprise his opponents and for his talents in reconnaissance. This particular individual is a highly trained member of the Recon Force. This costume is a two-piece set that comes with a mask, a jumpsuit that looks like it has body armor, and bootcovers that are attached to the jumpsuit. It also comes with an attached chest piece.

These Star Wars outfits for boys are all legally licensed merchandise from the franchise.

The child’s Jawa costume is the fifth most popular costume from the Star Wars film franchise. The Jawa suit is a limited edition costume that includes a brown hooded robe with eyes that flash red when turned on. It also comes with a Jawa mask that may be worn over your face. There are batteries included for the feature that makes the eyes light. In addition, you will receive two straps made of faux leather that can be worn over the shoulder. The Jawa are hardworking beings that are native to the planet Tatooine. They search for broken machines and then repair them so that they can be sold again. These costumes of Star Wars alien characters are available for purchase as part of a larger collection.

The Clone Trooper, Captain Rex, comes in at number 16 on the list of the best-selling boy’s Halloween costumes, although he is certainly not the least popular of the Star Wars costumes. This well-liked ensemble comes complete with a two-piece helmet and mask, a utility belt made of rubber, and a jumpsuit that appears to be realistically armored. During the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker was assisted in battle by a number of clone troopers, including one by the name of Rex.

If you are a fan of these science fiction movies, then there are obviously a ton of additional characters you may consider dressing up as, either for your son or for yourself. What about Chewy, R2D2, or 3CPO as a suggestion? Take a look at the Shadow Troopercostume, the Clone Wars Deluxe Pre Vizsla Trooperoutfit, the Luke Skywalker or the Anakin Skywalker child’s costume, and the Clone Trooper Commander Cody or Commander Fox outfit for more costume ideas based on the Star Warsmovies. In addition, there is a costume for an X Wing fighter, a costume for Obi-Wan Kenobi, a costume for a Cad Bane Trooper, and, of course, the standard costume for a Jedi. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which Star Wars figure your boy likes best; you’ll have no trouble finding him the ideal outfit among the many options available for purchase. This Halloween, he can choose to dress up as a character from one of these fantastic movies thanks to the availability of a costume option.

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