Introducing a Miter Saw Stand

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What excellent can be a miter saw in the event you don’t have got a stay? I suppose you are able to set it up on plywood and two sawhorses , like I have done for quite some time. Miter saw holders may be found in diverse shapes and forms. Some have rims, some are gravitational forces go up and others have hip and legs like a sawhorse.

No matter the configuration, they are created to contain the saw, support the function making our work less difficult.

Whilst the most versatile stands have been always custom made for best miter saws and designed to suit users function demands and software, I’m keen on a saw put in place that will save you area inside my trailers and is simple to create.

My target is to discover a light in weight, tough stand that may be straightforward to put together and may final, this lookup brought me to look into the Milwaukee Miter Saw Remain.

First Impression

The brand new Milwaukee Miter Saw Stand up is definitely an enhancement more than their more aged miter saw stay.

Initial, Milwaukee increased the lower limb secure handle, making it WAY simpler to close and open the holds legs. The more mature version had round plastic tabs with springtime filled pins. This process often requires two-fingers and is also the most significant bad using this stand up. The latest stand utilizes a spring loaded lever, similar to the Dewalt remain, to open the hip and legs one-given.

Second they improved the miter saw bracket. The previous bracket used a clamp and fasten process, located on the front of your saw. We often discovered this area uncomfortable, and difficult to harmony the saw and work the clamp.

The latest stay works with a spring lever that lets you clip and “pressure-push” the saw downward, and into place. This spring lever is additionally WAY quicker, and simpler to release the saw from your stand up.

Thirdly, the fabric support comes to an end are no more rollers with a straight help pole kept in location with a “weak,” thumb screw knob. In the older product we possessed complications with hefty panels influencing the vertical adjustment. The more recent style utilizes a sq . bracket using a toned help that bears its stress directly onto the help left arm, producing for a stronger accessory.

Finally they managed to make it lighter weight, and now give a few amazing accessories just like a have band and clamp on desk leading to boost effectiveness from the stand. So from initial looks they enhanced the design and style, and cut down the actions required to set the stand up and have proceeding.

Stand up Layout

We took the Milwaukee Miter Saw Are in position to our responsibility site to find out how well it did the trick within the discipline. The latest stand has a total excess weight of just 31 pounds, it is a plus for us, since had been transporting this out and in of any trailer every day.

Resistant in the beginning, I actually discovered myself utilizing the have straps and than making use of my cost-free palm to transport something different. When put in place the strap hangs safely beneath the saw, but could just like be clipped and stowed.

This stay includes a 500 Pound score and a pair of them would make wonderful saw horses or low staging. It is strong tubular metal thighs and legs secure against a steel framework for strong lower leg-basic assist. We love that Milwaukee applied metallic inside the hip and legs, compromising excess weight for power.

Over the years I’ve viewed sawhorses and miter saw stand thighs damaged by lumber falls, cars support into them or becoming knocked. The best aluminium ray of your Milwaukee Miter Saw Stand up has a groove that could accept a 2×4 on edge which can be used as a board holder or sacrificial lower board.

You will find four early spring packed levers, 1 for each and every lower-leg. These levers manage a pin that is utilized to secure the legs available, or folded away closed for storage space. We located these levers simple to use one particular given, and also the pin possessed outstanding alignment with a higher tolerance inside the steel securing hole.

The hip and legs golf swing in and out in the folded away placement efficiently, allowing you to open and close the stay as fast as you want.


The legs have ABS plastic-type material end hats in order to avoid marring of ground types of surface. One of the lower leg hats is variable, permitting a leveling feature. The fitment of those caps is a ribbed design, rubbing match.

In or expertise these caps are one thing to slip off and sometimes resulted in end user the need to tape them back on. We evaluated the conclusion hats by pulling the remain, using the 10″ Milwaukee Miter saw affixed across an asphalt surface area.

Following a number of backwards and forwards drags, we were able to dislodge one of many plastic caps. The cover was effortlessly reinserted by hand and tapped along with a hammer.

I am unclear how Milwaukee can enhance this design and style, but it is a location they must carry on and check out improve in.

Assist Hands

The Milwaukee Miter Saw Stand has two, all-metallic, material assistance hands that push right out of the primary ray in the stay. These help mounting brackets were actually strong enough to assist most framework which we had been slicing.

We minimize 14′ 2×6 framework without having deflection. To check the restrictions on this assistance left arm, we experimented with squaring the edges of 2×12-10′ PT framing. This lumber was drenched and high therefore we recognized we had been forcing the limits in the style by positioning the majority of the panels body weight using one support left arm. Within this analyze, we observed some deflection.

The fabric assist finishes offer you both materials assistance plus a flip-up cease, for recurring reductions. We loved that this stop facilitates are level and permit us to store the miter saw stay vertically, by using a bungee cord, inside our trailers.

One matter we observed when getting the stay together was the deficiency of guidelines concerning how to install the fabric help-stops. There seemed to be no talk about whatsoever which way they install, or how to insert the bolt to attach it. After some fusing around we figured it out, I believe.

Saw Mounting brackets

The saw has a bracket program which fits all brands of miter saws. The brackets are secured to the miter saw and let you clip the saw very easily, off and on the stay.

This new style is way more quickly in comparison to the older entrance-handle edition and therefore are situated in the back finish in the bracket. Milwaukee put the levers in the rear based on their own miter saw design.

Most people bring this miter saw with the takes care of, along with its both all-natural and user-friendly to simply attain more ins to trigger the levers. A period of time-conserving layout certainly.

On a single remain we evaluated we came across a concern together with the positioning from the springtime release lever. The geometry from the handle is nearly u-designed and the foot of the handle handle was striking the reddish colored, metallic bracket homes.

This manufactured opening the discharge out of the question up until the handle was bent into the groove. Two other crew participants also analyzing distinct appears was without this problem.

We introduced the issue to Milwaukee’s consideration and they advised me which a “fix has already been set up,” and that we must have received an more mature edition.

Because they identified the matter they remodeled the geometry of the take care of to extend much deeper in the reddish metal channel, thus relieving any chance of this happening. A test over a replacing bracket set up was great, and we’ve got no troubles considering that.


Since several tradesmen use their miter saw stands as work stations, Milwaukee created an recommended dinner table top adornment work surface.

When affixed, the item can hold equipment, tapes, fingernails or toenails, and more. The holder is designed to sit beneath the airplane of the miter saw cut-desk, and may be set up counteract so it could be fitted off aside. We liked offsetting the kitchen table top as it permitted us to center the miter-saw.

A recessed storage space tray on the table item, will keep goods from falling the stand. We’d love to check this out recessed dish magnetized.

Take note- Our tool testers possessed an issue with their plate obtaining wedged on too tight along with to use a hammer to get rid of it. A couple of us, with some other stands, had zero trouble with the trays. Total I enjoyed finding the holder and located myself positioning my adhesive tape, and also other things upon it.


We had been pleased together with the changes created to this new stand up. We’d love to see Milwaukee provide the lower leg conclusion-caps another look, however the biggest development to this particular stand up can be achieved by improving the locking knobs.

Every one of the knobs, for this stand up, are affordable plastic material thumb knobs. All the suppliers use them and when Milwaukee wants to stand up apart from their opponents they ought to consider all aluminum, light weight aluminum knobs, or better still levers. At the very least Milwaukee should be employing a lever for your substance assist biceps and triceps lock.


Will I advise this stand? The reply is an obvious of course! I currently make use of the older version of this stand up and was actively trying to find a replacing, in fact I used to be eyeing Dewalt miter saw stand. This new stand is a definite advancement for Milwaukee then one that may now substitute my older style.

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