How do you clean a decanter? There are many ways to clean different decanters

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Wine decanting is an effective and beneficial process that enhances the wine’s flavor. The decanter should be treated with the greatest care before, during, and afterward. Decanters should be cleaned immediately after each use to prevent unpleasant stains or smell from lingering. Decanters that are left unattended can become more difficult to clean. Although it’s not difficult, there are some things you should know to get the most out of your decanter. There are many options to clean your decanter.

Hot water

Hot water is the best resource to clean wine decanters. You just need to fill the decanter with hot, and swirl it before pouring it out. Continue this process until all stains and smells are gone. This works best right after the wine has been served. There won’t be any stain buildup, and the wine’s aroma will not last as long. Although hot water can dissolve stain it must not be too hot, or the decanter could break.


Vinegar can be used in many dishes. It is also a great ingredient for cleaning, such as your wine decanter. Vinegar is preferred over soap by many sommeliers because it removes stubborn wine spots and stains. White vinegar is best as it’s pale in color and doesn’t leave any unpleasant odors.

Decanter Brush

The decanter brush is a useful tool that can clean your decanter thoroughly. Some people don’t feel comfortable swirling water or another cleaner in their decanter. A brush can be used to reach the bottom of the wine decanter and the inner surface. Decanter brushes are made from foam bristles. They are long enough for the vessel’s bottom. They can also be bent to fit the shape of the decanter.

Cleaning Beads

The small stainless steel beads are a popular cleaning tool for decanters. These are preferred by sommeliers because they can remove stains and prevent sediment from the wine decanter. They also have the advantage of being reusable. You don’t need any other cleaning agents, just hot water or distilled. To prevent the decanter from breaking, you simply need to swirl the beads in water. After you have finished, drain the water and wash the decanter. For the next use, wash the beads and place them in a container.


Rice is another substitute for cleaning beads. This item may be something you already have in your home so it can help with the convenience. It can be used to scrub wine stains, especially on the bottom, because of its rough surface. It cannot be used alone, so it must be mixed with water and either dishwashing detergent or vinegar. To get rid of stains, combine all ingredients in a decanter. Next, drain the water and rice from the decanter and rinse them with warm water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, which is also a popular cleaning agent, is another cooking ingredient. Baking soda can be mixed with water to dissolve any stubborn residue. Although it’s an efficient method, it can be time-consuming because it takes some time for the baking soda and water to react with each other and dissolve any stains. As with the other options, fill your canister with warm water. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before you start swirling. The water solution should be drained and rinsed with warm water.

Distilled water and vinegar, as well as ethanol

You can only use the swirling motion with any scrubbing agents for decanters with a broad neck and narrow-body or a vase-shaped decanter. You can either place the decanters on a drying rack or lay them flat on a surface for drying. What can you do with complex shapes? This is where there is an easy and effective solution.

Cleansing Powder

To clean the decanter, you can also use a cleaning paste. It is used a lot for coffee pots, but it can also be used with glass. It works in the same way as baking soda to dissolve wine stains and make the decanter shine. Mix it with warm water. The beads will then be steamed until they are clean. Rinse the beads with water and then rinse again with warm water.

Denture tablets

One of the most common methods for cleaning wine decanters is to use denture tablets. Although it’s effective at cleaning out stains and thoroughly cleaning the inside, it can be time-consuming and may not be practical for some people.

You can put a decanter into the dishwasher.

It may seem easy to put a decanter in a dishwasher after a long day. However, this is not a good idea. Wine experts do not recommend cleaning a decanter in a dishwasher. This is because such fragile vessels are not able to withstand the intense cleaning process of a dishwasher. It can be thrown upside down into the dishwasher and it might not balance properly. The body’s weight will overpower the neck, so the inside won’t get thoroughly cleaned.

The whiskey decanter can crack or break down, and stains may not be completely removed. Decanters of complex shapes cannot be placed in the dishwasher as only the exterior surface can be cleaned. We know that the interior surface is more important than the outer surface. You should avoid the dishwasher with decanters that are complex in shape. They need to be handled carefully and properly and can be hand washed.

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