20 Clash Royale Game Facts

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Supercell’s Clash Royale wargaming is in microcosm. Our Clash Royale tips & tricks will help you to be a smashing player on the battlefield, no matter if you are a new or experienced player.

On a single screen battlefield, two sets of towers are facing each other. To dispatch troops, players use the elixir. They aim to take down towers and cause serious damage. Clash Royale is a simple game, but it has depth and nuance.

It is important to carefully consider which units you select for your eight-item card deck.

It doesn’t make sense to have a deck that only contains ground-based melee scrapers or range-fighters. To counter diverse attacks, ensure your deck has a balance of units: ‘tanks, splash damage units, and long-distance weapons to finish off towers.

You should also have a variety of use a bot of card values or you will get bored waiting for elixir refills.

Only use units that attack towers

Some units are specifically designed to attack towers like the slow but powerful Giant or the river-leaping Hog Rider.

One of these cards is a great addition to your deck. They are focused and won’t be distracted if your opponent places a unit near you on the battlefield.

Find out how to pair units

You shouldn’t send units out alone, as they will be beaten. Instead, find combinations that are more powerful together. Giants can do a lot of damage so keep one of them in front of a balloon to protect it until it reaches a tower.

Although Hog Riders can be vulnerable to swarms of enemies, they can be deadly when paired up with Fire Spirits and Goblins, Ice Spirits, or all three.

Use spells

Clash Royale has spells that can stop troops from moving or help them to attack. Freeze is a spell that stops opposing troops for a short time (and can be used to give Hog Riders a free smashing spree when placed next to a tower), and Zap, which, for a mere two elixir nukes, weakens enemies and stuns all those within its range for one second.

To take down large foes, use swarms

Clash Royale is won by making Elixir trades. In other words, defeat opposing units by using cards of lower value. Sometimes, swarms can be helpful — two elixir-powered Goblins or one Skeleton can defeat a Mini P.E.K.K.A. (four). Minions inflict massive damage from the air. Swarms are susceptible to fireballs and arrows.

You can play Clash Royale with the audio

It is possible to be tempted by the train and turn off Clash Royale. Wear headphones instead. While the sound effects may not be the best, they are useful and can draw your attention to units being dropped, especially when a Hog Rider makes its entrance.

Or, take your time

Clash Royale can be tempting to rush units into battle. It’s often best to wait for the elixir to build before you start firing in units.

If your initial cards look like they could be a surprise, such as a Mini P.E.K.A, Hog Rider and Fire Spirits, you can try to dispatch them all immediately. You might even get the opposition off your back and down a tower in seconds.

It can be more cost-effective to start behind your King’s Tower, as you can make more thoughtful pushes with slower units (such as the Giant) and take less time. Your elixir should have fully recovered by the time that the unit is dropped nears the river. You can then add support troops.

It is possible for opponents to use projectiles to stop such pushes. However, it is a risk worth taking.

Learn how to distract enemy soldiers

Clash Royale units aren’t likely to make a run for towers as they are easily distracted. Drop a cheap unit in the middle of the field if a powerful unit is headed towards your Arena Towers.

Most units will accept the lure and wander over, allowing your towers to fire at them and you to deploy additional countermeasures.

Do not get greedy while in the lead

A win with one tower doesn’t result in a lower number of crowns than if you win with three. It’s often not worth risking a win if one tower has been destroyed. Defending until the clock runs out is better.

One exception is when you are playing a strong opponent or one of your towers is looking creaky.

Sacrifice towers for those who are unable to pay the price

Consider sacrificing one tower if things are not going well for you and your opponent is making a big push there.

This can help you keep the game alive, and not lose one-nil, as long as you don’t put your King’s Tower at risk.

Clash Royale clock-watcher

Timing is everything. Matches last three minutes, but the last 60 seconds are when the elixir regenerates at twice its speed.

This surge can do serious damage if time is against you. If the score is level and your opponent has a weak tower, and you have a projectile (such as a Fireball), you can defend the last few seconds of the game and blow down their tower in the final moments, stopping overtime.

Effective elixir trades

This was already mentioned in relation to swarms. However, with any attack you make, remember the elixir trading. It’s not worth spending a lot of money on projectiles to eliminate low-cost troops. However, it is important to be aware of powerful units that are low in cost.

A Valkyrie of high rank can ravage through many troops and destroy weaker swarms (such a whole Skeleton Army).

Clash Royale trainers

Select a battle deck from the Cards tab and then tap the target button.

Although the trainers are terrible, you can still get a sense of how a new deck works.

Losing streaks? Take a break

Sometimes you will find that you can’t win. After losing four to five consecutive games, the best thing is to quit for at least a few hours.

Perhaps the match-making process will be easier when you return.

Join the Clash Royale clan

Clash Royale is incomplete without clans. You can also make card requests or donate cards to other players, in addition to friendly battles and chat.

Both can help you improve your deck quickly, and the latter will increase your bankroll. You win because the cards you get from chests might not be of any use to you but could be of benefit to someone else.

Spend your money wisely

While upgrading units in your collection can earn you XP, it’s not a good idea to do so for all. Prioritize cards that you use frequently, with the goal to upgrade basic cards to level 8 or higher, and rare cards to levels beyond 4.

Spend real money. Don’t waste your time with chests. Buy gems and convert them into coins. Then, grab the cards you need as they become available in the shop.

Maximise Clash Royale chests

You will be rewarded with bling and cards when you open your chest. Every four hours, you will receive a free chest. You can stack up to two chests for the next time you open the app. The Crown Chest is openable by demolishing ten towers during battle. It has a 24-hour cooling down. If you win, the chests will be placed in one of the four slots.

Each chest type is selected by the algorithm, not decisive wins. To unlock this time, gems are needed. Our advice is to “don’t pay”. Play regularly instead, filling up your slots and opening chests throughout the day. Take a break once all your slots are full.

You can watch your replays

You can find replays of battles in the Battles tab of the Activity Log of Clash Royale (the scroll icon in the Battle tab). You can watch them to see if you win unexpectedly and to learn how to improve if you are constantly getting killed.

This tab also houses TV Royale. You can watch battles from any one of the nine areas. This tab is great for gaining tips on decks, units, and battle strategies. It is important to remember that the game can be very different at higher levels. Don’t assume that tactics that work in arena 8 will make you unbeatable on arena 1.

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